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Please call (256) 650-1212 for more details on our current visitation guidelines.

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  • Inpatient Hospice Facility
  • Caring House
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At Caring for Life, our wish is to make this time in your life easier on you and your family by providing the most comprehensive end-of-life care in the region.

What our families say

  • "They took phenomenal care of my grandma and all of us as a family."

  • "I wouldn't be able to care for her at home where she needs to be at end of life if it weren't for all the amazing nurses, social workers, aids and the administrative staff."

  • "My family never felt rushed."

  • "Hospice Family Care - What a family you are!"

  • "They gave us every ounce of personal time that we needed."

  • "Our tears were replaced with smiles."