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Inpatient Hospice Facility

Respite and General Inpatient Care

The inpatient facility provides short-term hospice and respite care with 24-hour medical attention for symptom management.

Click here to view our inpatient Family and Patient guide.


All Hospice Family Care staff have been trained for emergency situations at the Inpatient Facility. If an emergency does occur, please stay calm and follow the directions of the staff. Exit routes are posted throughout the hallways in the inpatient facility.


Our nursing staff is responsible for administering all medication. Please make sure to review all medications with your nurse. Current medications should be brought from home to ensure continuity. The hospice physician or nurse practitioner will determine which medications will be continued to best manage your comfort goals.

Resuscitation Measures

Advance directives will be discussed at the time of admission. Hospice Family Care staff will discuss your preferences and options with you and your caregiver. You have the right to change your preferences at any time. Should resuscitation be requested, we will call 911, and you will be transported to the hospital’s emergency department for treatment.

Personal Belongings

We want your environment to feel like home. You are more than welcome to bring personal items to have in your room. All items that you bring into the facility are considered your responsibility, and Hospice Family Care is not responsible for any of these items.


We encourage and welcome visits from family members and friends at any time. Children must be under adult supervision at all times. When arriving, please sign in at the Welcome Desk or Nurses Station.

Overnight Guests

Each patient room has a sofa that unfolds into a bed and a recliner provided for guests. Please notify staff if you need an additional blanket or pillow. Cots are also available on request.


All meals are provided for patients at the Inpatient Facility. Our family kitchen and vending machines are available for visitors to purchase snacks and/or perform light cooking.


Every patient room is equipped with a telephone. To get an outside line, you must dial “9” first.


For the health and safety of all of our patients, family members, and visitors, the Hospice inpatient facility is a smoke-free campus.


Bed linens and towels are provided.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed on the premises as directed by the physician as part of the patient’s care plan.


We acknowledge that pets are valued family members. Caregivers may bring your dogs or cats for short visits to the Inpatient Facility after providing documentation of current vaccinations. All animals must be supervised at all times, remain on a leash and clean.

Leaving the Facility

Leaving the unit must be discussed and approved by the hospice physician and/ or charge nurse. If you are using the respite benefit and have assistance from a caregiver, you may briefly leave the facility. We ask that you notify the inpatient facility immediately if you are unable to return.

Illegal Drugs & Weapons

Hospice Family Care has a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs or paraphernalia on the facility premises. Weapons are not allowed on Huntsville Hospital property.