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How do I get started with Hospice Family Care?

Admission process

Anyone can make a referral to Hospice Family Care by calling our office at (256) 650-1212. Once a referral is made, one of our team members will visit for an initial assessment and discuss our services with the patient and family. After two physicians have certified the patient’s prognosis, your loved one is admitted to the program and a comprehensive plan of care is established.

Caring for life

Often, family and caregivers are the first to notice changes in a loved one. If there has been a progressive decline in their condition despite aggressive curative measures, it may be time to consider other options, including hospice. Making the most out of one’s remaining days is the greatest gift of hospice, both for the patient and the family. Hospice Family Care’s team can help you maximize your loved one’s quality of life and allow the patient the most comfort, control and dignity during their final days.

If you or your family is considering hospice care, talk to your physician or call our office at (256) 650-1212 for more information. Hospice Family Care is committed to assisting you with every step of this journey.