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Levels of Hospice Care

Routine Home Care

Routine Care is typically offered in the privacy of a patient’s home. This care can also be delivered in independent living, assisted-living or skilled nursing facilities, as well as in group homes. This type of hospice care is a team effort which is collaborated on weekly so we can give our patients the best care that is specific to their needs.

Routine Care visits are usually done during regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, we are a 24/7-hospice, meaning we are available to meet your needs at any time, day or night.

General Inpatient Care

General Inpatient Care, sometimes referred to as GIP care, is delivered in our Hospice Family Care inpatient facility. It can also be provided in a specific hospital or contracted skilled nursing facility. This level of care is intensive and is intended for short-term care aiming for management of acute medical symptoms by your Hospice Family Care team. This type of care is provided when a patient requires a greater degree of monitoring in order to stabilize and manage their acute medical symptoms. Once your symptoms are managed, Hospice Family Care will return you to your home or a living situation that best meets your needs.

Continuous Home Care

Continuous Care is thorough, short-term care performed in the home. This type of care is to attain management of acute medical symptoms. When Continuous Care is performed, it is intended for periods of crisis so that care can continue in your home.

Respite Care

Respite Care is provided to help give relief for caregivers. This type of care can be offered to our patients for a maximum of five sequential days in our inpatient facility or a contracted skilled nursing facility. This type of care can be very beneficial to our patient’s caregiver when they become tired and overwhelmed.